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The E.N.T. Factor was the brainchild of the late Trinidadian actor Christopher Smith. E.N.T. is an acronym for Epic Natural Talent. It is also an iconic trini slang establishing the company’s patriotic nature. His aim was to create a family oriented theatre company following the motto “Work hard, play hard”. Having passed away a few months after registering the business in 2019 his widow Paula Hamilton-Smith continues the legacy. Under the logo that was designed by him, she has managed to host two Open Mics, a virtual acting workshop and to keep the social media account The E.N.T. Factor active.


PAULA HAMILTON-SMITH is a Theatre Arts Teacher at St. Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando. After studying theatre in UWI and doing an acting course on Broadway in 2011, she has found her niche in musical theatre. She directed her school production of “Once on this Island” in 2012 and spent following years performing in musicals such as the Sound of Music, Hairspray, and Mahalia.

She made her film debut in 2014 as Terri in “This Love.” Her dramatic works include the comedy “Death at a Funeral”, “One from ten leaves naught” by Tony Hall, “Happy Anniversary” directed by Raymond Choo Kong, “Circle Mirror Transformation” in 2019, “Revenge of King Jab Jab” March 2021 and “Tom, Dick and Harry” December 2021. She is the current owner of The E.N.T. Factor.

Her other dramatic studies include an Acting Intensive with the late Raymond Choo Kong, mentorship from Helen O’Malley Camps in 2020 and an online summer Audition Coaching course from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

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